About Moneeo

Moneeo – Electronic Cinematronic Music and Soundscapes. We work artistically, write music and design new technologies, light and video projections in combination with our own built innovative musical instruments. Moneeo is a concept where the visual and creative, along with the music, that makes the whole experience. Moneeo was born in 2004 and made the first performance at Electro at Sjömanskyrkan, Gävle, May 18, 2004.

We are that dedicated that when we got married 2018 we decided to take Moneeo in our hearts to our lastname forever. And to celebrate our new lastname Moneeo, with the release of our new single; We Are Moneeo, on Spotify november 2018. 14 years of our music history sampled to this new piece. The video connected to our music history was released at 14th of december 2018, the premiere day.

Now a days we use music, food and sensory experience to communicate messages at events. Taste & Sound matching & dining experiences. We perform & create multisensory experience design with sound, music, taste, light & atmosphere. 
// Iréne Moneeo & Per Moneeo.