Moneeo Projects.


Three meditative movements created and matched with the three colors blue, orange and green. Each of the musical pieces are matched with the color of the piece.

COLOR is released as live recorded concert on Spotify and Youtube.

Pendula Projects

Moneeo where invited to colloborate with Johan Wellton and his Pendulum rig, together with Siânna Bruce who is doing magical Aerial Dance.

Traces of Light

Traces of Light explore the possibilites to experience music with our eyes.

Each sound in the piece is triggering each light on the floor. What you hear is reflected in the lights.

Traces of Light is a Neuroplasticity experiment –  can we hear the music with our eyes?


Sound Art installation with infrasound vibrations which can be felt with the whole body but is silent to your ears.
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Instrument Talk's

Youtube serie about some of Moneeo's musical instrument.
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Connecting Water

Location (GPS) based Sound experience in your smartphone.
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One of our main instruments that have evolved over many years. Two cubes with video projections controlled by the music we perform.