Pendula Projects

Moneeo where invited to colloborate with Johan Wellton and his Pendulum rig, together with Siânna Bruce who is doing magical Aerial Dance.

Pendula Projects

Johan Wellton is the inventor of a truss-rig with giant pendulums creating a totally new art form.

Per Moneeo & Johan Wellton started the collaboration of the Pendula Projects more than 10 years ago, and it turned out to be 2 parallell projects evolving at the same time.

1. Pendulum Play – Research
This is the the project where Per started to create a technical sensor & motion tracking solution, that were able to track the motion of the pendulums that Johan had created, and turn the rig in to a giant musical instrument.

2. Pendulum Play – Lab Sessions
Iréne Moneeo & Sianna Bruce joined and a proejct where four different artists, with four different skills where born. the Lab Sessions was documented on film by ourself and will popup on our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channels as they get ready.